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South Carolina Realtor Murders…

Keep an eye on this case, it ties into something I've been investigating for Jana Madoch and The Amnesty Project. There's a connection here with the Hess family that no one is talking about. I'll write about it soon enough.... Continue Reading →

When the Grim Reaper Comes Knocking…

I had just eaten an 8th of shrooms. The Reeder Bros had me staring into the flames, asking what I saw. At first it was just shapes and vivid colors that came in waves and this happened for maybe thirty... Continue Reading →

The Bodies

Before I continue I should tell you that I'm under review at The Amnesty Project. I told you I was diagnosed with HPPD. Jana is concerned that... well let's just say she's questioning my ability to properly investigate her cases.... Continue Reading →

As Far As Dirty Cops Go…

You already know that I worked for Chesapeake PD aka CPD. ¬†A friend of mine just told me that 'they' are scrubbing the news stories about my conviction¬†off the internet. Well at least I got the screen grabs and it... Continue Reading →

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