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HPPD – Hyper Persisting Perception Disorder

I posted this on my facebook page and I thought I should probably post this on here. So I apologize if you're seeing this twice but this is important for you to know. I want to be as transparent as... Continue Reading →


Taste of Death Row

I'm having a bad fucking day... make that a bad fucking week. The last three or four nights I haven't been able to sleep well... or at all for that matter. Bunny is some sort of alchemist. He's made me... Continue Reading →

What Do You Know About Remount Road? 

Remount Road... my guess is you've never heard of this place. After I finished at the academy and became an officer I was assigned to Darius Henry who was my TO. I know I've been hard on CPD but Darius... Continue Reading →

Have you seen Jessica Hess?

Remember I mentioned Mark Hess in one of my earlier posts. He's one of the richest men in the country and owns the storage company where Catherine Yu and Andre Spanos were murdered. Here's a little background on the Hess family,... Continue Reading →

As Far As Dirty Cops Go…

You already know that I worked for Chesapeake PD aka CPD.  A friend of mine just told me that 'they' are scrubbing the news stories about my conviction off the internet. Well at least I got the screen grabs and it... Continue Reading →

Psilocybin aka Mushrooms

Below is an article I pulled off Vice News. There have been lots of studies about the effects of Psilocybins and how it can treat PTSD among other things.  I haven't told you about the Reeder brothers yet-- RJ and... Continue Reading →

The Arrest

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Media Lies

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