fullsizeoutput_8f76My name is Ehrich Lowe. If you ask me where I’m from my answer might change depending on my mood. By the time I was 14 I had moved 8 times. So the question of where I call home is a moving target.  This is not the place to share my sob story. We all have fucking hard lives so I’ll spare you the details. Maybe I’ll write a post about it at some point. The only pertinent information you need to know about me is that I currently live in Chesapeake, South Carolina.

You may have heard about my case in the news but I can guarantee that most of what you heard is a lie or a partial truth to distract you from asking the questions that matter. Yes, I was on death row. Yes, I was released minutes before my execution. No, it wasn’t just a technicality. I didn’t murder Tara Wilson. I’ve maintained my innocence from day one. Chesapeake police never generated a list of suspects. They targeted me as the prime suspect the minute the detectives arrived on the scene. They never looked into the fact that Tara worked with IA and was investigating several ranking officers within my department. The investigation was concluded in record time and even after my release they have been reluctant to reopen the case. Why? Unless they’re hiding something, wouldn’t they want to find out who really killed one of their own?

Chesapeake PD has spent a lot of time trying to discredit me so I decided to set up this site to set the record straight. I have nothing left to lose so you know what, fuck it, I’m about to set a match to this shit.

Everything you read on here is true. It’s time for people to really know what happened.