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Ahmadu Garba

My name is Ahmadu Garba and I was born in Washington, DC. I grew up overseas and attended college at The George Washington University in DC.

Interview From Death Row

This is an interview with Anthony Haynes who is on death row in Texas. He was convicted of murder in 1998 and sentenced to die in 2012.  The supreme court granted a stay and he's still alive, at least as far... Continue Reading →

South Carolina Realtor Murders…

Keep an eye on this case, it ties into something I've been investigating for Jana Madoch and The Amnesty Project. There's a connection here with the Hess family that no one is talking about. I'll write about it soon enough.... Continue Reading →

Video of My Car Wreck…

This is the aftermath of my car wreck. If you want to know the story about how the Hess family tried to kill me but were unsuccessful, check out my last post, When the Grim Reaper Comes Knocking...

When the Grim Reaper Comes Knocking…

I had just eaten an 8th of shrooms. The Reeder Bros had me staring into the flames, asking what I saw. At first it was just shapes and vivid colors that came in waves and this happened for maybe thirty... Continue Reading →


Came across this blog that talks about consciousness and delves into some of the things I've been talking about with my mushroom use. Check it out. It's food for thought at the very least: We can define a hallucination, roughly,... Continue Reading →

Justice Ain’t So Blind…

For those of you who thought I was embellishing when I talked about how corrupt our justice system is, read the article below. I should also qualify this isn't limited to South Carolina. It's ALL OVER. CPD and the courts... Continue Reading →

The Denial of Death…

I originally set out to write something about my five favorite books that I read this past year. Yuval Noah Harari's book SAPIENS: A Brief History of Humankind was high on the list along with Snow Crash and a few... Continue Reading →

What George Has to Say…

When my facebook page was still active, a few people asked me what I thought about Trump. Let me make this clear, I don't give a fuck about politics or politicians. They are part of a machine and everyone plays... Continue Reading →

They’re Trying to Silence Me…

My facebook page grew to almost 5k and with that I got the attention of people that aren't happy with my message.  They tried to silence me, shut my profile and my page down... but I don't scare easy so... Continue Reading →

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