When my facebook page was still active, a few people asked me what I thought about Trump. Let me make this clear, I don’t give a fuck about politics or politicians. They are part of a machine and everyone plays their part including you… you have yourselves to blame for believing all the shit that has been peddled to you.

I’m a convict and I can’t vote. Even though my conviction was overturned, I’m still not permitted to vote. There’s a long process to reinstate my voting rights.

Explain to me why convicts who have paid their debt are stripped of their right to vote? The truth is the powers that be want the smallest electorate as possible. But you won’t believe me. You think this nation is out to help and protect you? No it’s here to protect business interests. It’s here to protect people like the Hess family. So don’t tell me about politics and my lack of patriotism. I see things clear.

I think George Carlin expresses it well: