Remember I mentioned Mark Hess in one of my earlier posts. He’s one of the richest men in the country and owns the storage company where Catherine Yu and Andre Spanos were murdered.

Here’s a little background on the Hess family, they are one of the original founding families of the United States. These families don’t show up on your annual Forbes list, you’re not going to see them in tabloids or on TMZ. They operate in the shadows. They have massive holding companies with subsidiaries of subsidiaries. Their money has reach.

Most of these families existed even before United States was a country. They made their cash illegally, dealing weapons, slave trade, booze and even narcotics. These are the families that funded the American Revolutionary War but you’re not going to read about them in your history books. They lurk in the shadows.

These families own massive corporations and operate outside the system. Recessions and market crashes mean nothing to them. They are so entrenched in the US economy that they’re more stable than the government. I know this is hard to believe but I’m not making this shit up. You need to wake up and understand that everything we see is rigged. The rich will always take care of themselves while the rest of the bottom feeders will tear each other apart for the scraps.

So what does this have to do with Jessica Hess?

When I was in prison I saw in the papers that Jessica Hess went missing. This was big news and the state was glued to the news as it unraveled. Hundreds of people volunteered to be part of the search committee. The entire state was at a standstill. Everyone wanted to find this girl because she mattered. She fit the profile, belonged to the right family. There are hundreds that have gone missing in this state but no one gives a fuck because they don’t have the right last name or the optics won’t lend to being sensationalized in the news.  Here’s one of the missing persons posters I saw:



A detective friend of mine, Bumpy Johnson, was assigned to the case. Bumpy’s probably the last remaining friend I have that’s still with CPD and he’s just waiting to make his pension then he’s out. He’s one of the smartest people I know.  He got a full scholarship to attend MIT but he decided to stay local to take care of his mom who was ill. In another life the man would be on Wall Street making millions.

During Bumpy’s investigation he discovered that Tammy Hess and Mark Hess had been separated for almost 4 years and no one knew. They have a number of homes in the area so I guess it didn’t raise any red flags or maybe having money just makes it more likely that you get away with living your life free of judgement.

Mark was having multiple affairs and Tammy was too… again I don’t judge people. Live your life however it pleases you but I’m giving you this information because it’s pertinent. Two years prior to her disappearance Jessica was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease. She was flown all over the country to meet the world’s leading experts. Apparently she got a kidney transplant. Never mind that the wait list was 5 years long… that’s the power of money. So they used their influence so what?  Life is about survival and if you’re not using whatever advantages you have then you’re a fucking fool.

Apparently Jessica seemed to get better, from what Bumpy said, then in June of 2007 a series of bizarres incidences happened to the Hess family:

–Joe Hess, Mark’s brother committed suicide. There was no note.

–Mark Hess started buying property all over the state, it was an aggressive push and he displaced a lot of people. A lot of that land remains untouched. They’re mostly just fenced off now with a vague development signs on it.

–Tammy Hess checked into rehab for a few weeks. She returned on July 4th weekend, the same weekend Jessica went missing.

–Dallas Hess, Mark’s oldest son and a royal fuck up if you ask me was arrested with male prostitutes and cocaine at the Wentworth Mansion Hotel in Charleston. Some witnesses said Dallas was yelling crazy shit at the police, telling them that the boys were his father’s merchandise and if anything happened to them there would be hell to pay. Of course the charges eventually disappeared and all the witnesses that heard what Dallas said eventually changed their story.

–And finally, Mark Hess made a bid for the security contract for the Charleston Port. He wasn’t granted the contract because of Linda Lopez, a state congresswoman, who made it her mission to torpedo any of Hess’s efforts.

Now back to Jessica– after she had gone missing CPD put all its resources into finding her. Bumpy was given all the support he needed and as soon as he started uncovering all the shit I just mentioned about the family something changed. He was stonewalled at every turn and the investigation just stopped. You have to understand that Hess is one of the biggest donors to CPD so that fact that they just stopped looking for his daughter, cold turkey should raise questions in anyone’s mind. In fact the captain, Warren Hoad and Major Terry DeGaw just about blamed Bumpy for fucking up the investigation. They threw him under the bus in the news. Nevermind that he was one of their best detectives, but now the public perception was that CPD hired some low rate African-American detective because of affirmative action and that’s the reason the investigation went tits up. The investigation died and that was that.

If my loved one was killed I’d scorch the earth to find the killer. The fact that Hess can’t be bothered tells me knows something. Or at least is hiding something.

Want another wrinkle to the story? Remember I told you about the two bodies found at the Hess storage facility, well, coroners found a silver lily charm bracelet in Catherine Wu’s pocket with the initials JH on the back of one of the petals. JH… Jessica Hess? What is Mark Hess hiding and why is CPD covering up for him?