You already know that I worked for Chesapeake PD aka CPD.  A friend of mine just told me that ‘they’ are scrubbing the news stories about my conviction off the internet. Well at least I got the screen grabs and it confirms to me that I’m making some powerful people really uncomfortable. Right now I’m their worst enemy and they’ll probably do everything in their power to shut me up. Just ask David Benson.

David Benson, 39, was a Sergeant at CPD where he worked for 8 years. 

Benson worked at CPD for 8 years. Let me just say that he was no saint. He was dirty… Now I say that with as little judgement as possible. People think being a cop is about good versus evil, or the good guys versus the bad guys but that’s just naive thinking or probably willful ignorance on the community’s part.

Most of police work exists in the gray.  Now if you don’t have money or influence then the gray turns black pretty fast but if you’re connected, then the law becomes a lot more colorful for you.  I’m not making this up, this is just how it goes. It’s life. It has always been like that and will continue to be like that because we are humans. If this offends you then you are fully committed to your ignorance.

Benson did his part in being part of the problem. We all did. When he was on the force Benson was very violent. He played football in HS, was a big shot and even got a scholarship to play at Nicholls State in Louisiana but an injury ended his career. From there he joined the military but was discharged a few years after for medical reasons. Now Benson comes back home and he can’t find a job anywhere but what’s the one place that was hiring and taking whoever applied without proper screening… you guessed it, CPD. CPD was severely understaffed, it’s a shitty town so no one wants to stay here longterm and it makes recruiting quality candidates that much harder.

Now Benson is on the force with this massive chip on his shoulder and aggression worth ten life times with the power to exercise his demons without severe repercussion. Now tell me that’s not a recipe for disaster. During his time at CPD,  123 complaints were filed against him for a whole list of reasons, assault, abuse of power etc. There were also 23 lawsuits filed against him… or course none of the plaintiffs won because they were mostly poor people with no means. Most of them got threatened and that was that. I was able to get my hands on one of the suits filed:


David Benson is a piece of shit and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He took money, a lot of money… payoffs from the powers that be. He tampered with evidence to ensure convictions and on a couple of occasions he even made evidence disappear to protect certain people.  I wish I had the proof but I don’t. I know it happened but all those that could help with solid evidence have gone radio silent. I understand they are scared and they have mortgages and families to take care off… me well, they already took all that so like I said before, I’m burning this shit down.

Now I need you to pay close attention here because I’m going to mention some names that will keep popping up from here on out.  Names of influential people that all have a connection to Benson whether they know it or not.

In 2011 there was a double homicide at a storage facility that’s right next to the South Carolina Inland Port. The storage unit belongs to Mark Hess, one of the richest men in the state and even in the country. The two victims were:

Catherine Yu

Andre Spanos

The interesting name here is Andre Spanos. Spanos was the son of Mario Spanos, retired Deputy Chief of Police. What they were doing at the facility at 2 AM in the morning is a whole other story and I’m still trying to look into that. A man, Nick Pelletier, was charged with their murder.

Do you know the first responder at the crime scene was… you guessed it, David Benson. David’s paperwork that he turned into homicide said a murder weapon was not found at the scene of the crime. (I’ll get back to this in a minute).

Nick was the night manager for the storage facility. He was convicted and sentenced to die. You would expect someone on death row to have at least ten to fifteen years with appeals and all but not Nick. His case was pushed so fast through the system to the point where his only option was a collateral appeal about a month before his scheduled execution.

Something interesting happened around this time. Benson reached out to Nick’s appellate lawyers, Jana and Ronan Madoch. He told them that he wants to come clean and that he really did find a murder weapon at the scene but he gave it to his supervisor at the time, Alfonso Reyes.  He was prepared to testify. Now I don’t know why Benson all of a sudden developed a conscience. The Madoch’s knew the impact this new information would have on the entire city and state as a whole.  So Jana arranged to have Benson hide out on a shrimping boat while they made all the necessary filings.

The day of the collateral appeal David Benson never showed… turns out a few shrimpers found him on the shrimp boat… murdered…

How do I know all this? Well, the Madochs hired me to be their private investigator right after Benson turned up dead. I still have one or two connections at CPD and the Madochs were desperate for answers… I’m committed to exposing CPD so I joined the team.

Now tell me you don’t CPD and their cronies have something to hide.