The night after my arrest CPD unleashed a coordinated effort to convict me in the court of public opinion. This is tactic I’ve used myself in the past to distort the jury pool. The police might say this doesn’t happen but believe me it does.

The jury thinks they care about the facts but they really don’t give a shit. They care about their own feelings. They’re human which means they’re selfish and can barely see past their own self-righteous interests. What the jurors  want is to be able to go home and sleep at night, in peace. If they feel their conscience can’t live with knowing they just condemned another human being, then that the suspect will probably get an acquittal. The police know that. The prosecution knows it too and that’s  why they rely on the media to set the tone. If everyone sees the suspect as a monster from the very first time their image is displayed on the screen or in newspapers then chances are the prosecution will win that case.

Why do you think they trudge suspects out in orange jumpsuits in front of the jury. We all know about first impressions. The jury sees a man that looks like he should be a convict. Good luck convincing them otherwise.

Just take a look at some of the news article printed about me right after my arrest. No one cared about due process. The public was out for blood. I was already convicted long before my case went to trial.