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December 2016

Ramblings on Sleep, Religion and Everything in between…

I need to sleep... I might be going on three days without sleep. I say might be because last night I just sat in my chair. I was pretty sure I wasn't sleeping but then again maybe I was. Maybe... Continue Reading →

The Amnesty Project

I've mentioned Jana and Ronan Madoch in previous posts. They are the founders of The Amnesty Project which is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing legal counsel to those who have been falsely accused and are at the mercy... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Son…

Dear Zach, I'm not sure how to start this. Please forgive me if this is clunky.  I have so many thoughts going through my head that I just want to get them down for you. I know there's nothing I can... Continue Reading →

Meet The Reeder Brothers

About a year into my conviction I was set in my routine and was familiar with the faces I saw-- there weren't that many.  The guard that I had the most interaction with was Jorge Castillo. He was a hard-working... Continue Reading →

Death Penalty on the Decline

Interesting article and numbers below. I'm glad the death penalty is on the decline but then again there are a handful of people that do deserve to die.  I guess we all do on some level. However these numbers shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Let’s Take a Trip

Every trip I've had has been vastly different from the next. I should also point out that I don't use it recreationally. It's far deeper, way more spiritual than that for me. I was diagnosed with HPPD -- Hyper Persisting... Continue Reading →

Story Behind My release…

From the day I was arrested to the day I was finally released I spent almost 8 years in prison. Two of those years were pretty much during the trial which had multiple delays so I was in limbo for... Continue Reading →

The Bodies

Before I continue I should tell you that I'm under review at The Amnesty Project. I told you I was diagnosed with HPPD. Jana is concerned that... well let's just say she's questioning my ability to properly investigate her cases.... Continue Reading →

HPPD – Hyper Persisting Perception Disorder

I posted this on my facebook page and I thought I should probably post this on here. So I apologize if you're seeing this twice but this is important for you to know. I want to be as transparent as... Continue Reading →

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